You’ve just finished your keynote presentation and as you exit the stage you’re filled with excitement and anxious to check how many people opted into your text message campaign. When you log in to your CRM to check the number of opt-ins, your heart sinks, as a big fat zero appears on the screen. Instantly you’re left wondering what did I do wrong? I thought they were engaged? What did I miss?

Has this ever happened to you?

Rest assured it has happened to me and to my clients too.

However, I have discovered how to turn that big fat zero into multiple zeros with my top 3 closing techniques. If you’d like to increase your conversion and opt-in rates when you deliver your next keynote, click to download my guide below.

Are you ready to learn how to increase your conversion rates by 30%?
More About Carol: Carol Little is a Public Speaker and Certified Master Trainer. She draws on her 15+ years of experience working with corporate clients as well as top executives and individuals to deliver practical and accessible tools for improving her audience’s public speaking skills. She excels at helping her clients move beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Her passionate, fun and engaging style keep her clients coming back for more.